My Weight Loss Diary – Days 5 to 9

Hello to all those who are following my weight loss diary. I have exciting news! If you remember in my previous blog pertaining to this topic, I mentioned that I will start calculating the calorie intake of my diet. I have started doing that.

But first, here is the progress update on my weight loss from day 1 to 9:

Its pretty exciting. I have lost 2.3 kgs since I started this diary. You might be thinking, what did I do to trigger this weight loss. Well, I can tell you that I definitely did not sign up for a gym membership and start living there to produce these results.

I started walking 2.3 km twice a week. That is the distance from my place of work to where I live. I did some intermittent fasting. That’s all. Here is a sample of my weight loss diary (like I said in my previous blog, its only an Excel spreadsheet):

Measuring my calories has been insightful. I didn’t realize the 2 glasses of wine which I had on Friday (to celebrate the weekend, woohoo!), cost me 3,000 calories!!!!! Well, not so woohoo now. That is definitely going to come back and haunt me in the coming days. I will provide another round of update on days 10 to 15, after I have completed them.

My end goal is to hit 67 kg by the end of the 15th day of this program. It will be interesting to see if I can achieve that target. I must admit, I am taking all the necessary steps to ensure it happens, hahahaha. I mean, I have come this far and it would be silly not to keep going till the finish line.

For those of you who are thinking of starting your own diet plan, here are some points that might help:

Consider becoming a vegan cause you can lose weight a lot quicker! Just kidding please don’t stop reading, LOL.

Cut down on the use of cooking oil. 1g of oil has 9 calories, 1 tbsp will easily add 123 calories to your meal. You can use 1 tsp which is 40 calories. It’s healthier, you don’t have to wear it. Plus, most food have fat content. They release their fats when you cook them.

Try and cut down on meat and egg intake. Maybe reduce it to once or twice a week. I am not sure the calorie value of meat so it might be worth for you to check it out. Changing the cooking technique might help.

Definitely cut out dairy. Oh yes for sure. Especially if you are a big eater. Dairy has high fat content. I made a vegan creamy mushroom pasta using cashew cream on the weekend (you can find the recipe in the recipe list link). I was shocked to find out that regular cream has 19% more calorie and 48% more fat! 100 ml of milk is around 162 calories and most of us usually consume around 200 ml. Its worth considering the switch. My plant-based coconut milk is only 18 calories, happy days! 🙂

That’s all I have for now. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments. If you have any tips, please do the same. If you have any criticism, would appreciate you keep it to yourself. Just kidding, please do the same. I could use the constructive feedback. Thank you!



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