My Weight Loss Dairy – Days 10 to 15

Hi everybody, this post is long overdue. I said I will post an update on how I am tracking with my weight loss program and here it is. The goal was to reach 67kgs by the end of day 15. “Did that happen”, I can hear you all asking. Well, it did 🙂 woohoo!

I managed to hit 67.4kgs on day 15. Here is an updated progress graph:

I know I wanted to reach 67kg and I still had that 0.4kg on me. But since my last log (in Excel), I have managed to reach 65.1kg!! I am chuffed and proud of myself being dedicated to this. The intention is to keep going till I reach a point where I am comfortable with my eating and exercise habits.

The biggest take away from this is, you don’t have to starve your self to lose weight. Nor do you have to live in the gym.

Exercise is good. I want to say that upfront. Going to the gym is also good. But if you are struggling to get motivated to make it to the gym, then its a sign. Its a sign to do some soul-searching about your eating habits and where you need to make changes so that you can feel and look healthy.

Swapping your favorite food with healthier choices definitely helps. Since I am a vegan, quitting diary and meat has helped me to expedite this entire process. Now that I have all this extra calories to spend, I can spend it on foods that are going to nourish me.

Please note that veganism is not a fad diet. Its a lifestyle. Its about being an advocate for non-violence and saying no to food corruption. It is liberating to be a vegan. It is also, all about:

  • taking charge of your nutrition;
  • learning what goes into your food; and
  • how you are nourishing yourself.

We all have become time poor. We are so busy trying to acquire success, whatever that may mean to each of us, and have outsourced our nourishment to supermarkets (in the form of frozen and quick meals), restaurants and cafes.

As soon as we gain some extra kgs or when our clothes don’t fit, we quickly sign up for a gym membership. Suddenly, we are no longer time poor. We have the time to beat the crap out of our body in the gym but no time to address the root cause of the problem for the weight gain – our diet.

When our thoughts are imbalanced, our speech becomes imbalanced and our actions become imbalanced. On the overall, we become imbalanced. That shows up in our body.

I will explain what I mean. I love my job. I am a commercial analyst (in case if you haven’t notice the visuals and numbers that I have been using in my blogs). I love working with numbers. A year and a half ago, I had just moved to Perth from Adelaide. I found a job quite immediately. I loved what I did. I sacrificed my weekdays and weekends to work. My boss loved my work. I worked harder for that pay rise and recognition. I won a recognition award within 8 months of my employment. Also got that pay rise which I asked for.

But all of this came at a hefty price. I was so busy acquiring success and I never had the time to cook. I ate out most of the time. A time came when my body was no longer able to cope with the junk that I was feeding it. I fell ill. My stomach was in a lot of pain. There was internal bleeding and I was constantly struggling to breathe. I was diagnosed with gastritis.

Since then I have stopped overworking myself. I make it a point to leave work on time. I don’t work on the weekends. I still love my job but I was no longer making it my primary focus in life and ignoring my physical and spiritual wellness. I have incorporated a balance in my life and today it shows through my body.

From time to time we all lose focus of what we want in life. Its easy to see the trees for the jungle. Our body, apart from being a vessel for our souls, tells us when we are in the wrong direction. Listen to it. Its the first step to feeling and looking healthy. Hope all of you enjoyed this post. Our physical health is interconnected with our mental and spiritual health. Only when we embrace this fact and work towards being healthy on all these levels, we can be a truly healthy and happy individual.


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