Dark Chocolate & Cashew Nut Spread with Flax Seed Powder

I am totally in love with this spread. My first home-made spread and its a success!! Its super easy with just 5 ingredients. In fact, couple of them are optional.


65g of 70% dark chocolate, broken into smaller pieces

3/4 cups of cashews – soaked overnight

1/2 cups of water

1 tbsp brown sugar – optional

1/2 tsp flaxseed powder – optional


Blend the cashew nuts, that have been soaked overnight, with 1/2 cups of water. It is recommended to soak them before blending so that you will get a creamy consistency.

Mix the chocolate with the cashew cream using the Bain Marie method as shown below. Just make sure the water level is enough to boil and doesn’t touch the base of the bowl:

When water is rapidly boiling, sit the bowl of cashew cream on top of the pot

As the cream slowly heats up, start adding the dark chocolate and the brown sugar

Keep stirring until the dark chocolate fully incorporates into the cream

Remove from pot, add the flax seed powder and mix well

Allow it to cool down before transferring it into a mason jar for storage. It should last in the fridge for a week. The serving size of 21g is approximately one tablespoon.

I had mine on a whole grain toast and sliced bananas. It’s all gone now 🙂



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